Monday, September 28, 2009

What started it all..

Ok, this subject has come up way too often in conversation lately, so I thought I'd better blog about it.
You wanna know what got me into Amigurumi style crochet? I found the cutest pattern and thought, "Wow! I wanna do that!" Then I showed it to my boys who said, "I want one!"
Here it is! Puchitomato's Happy Little Poo!

Just had to get that out.


  1. That is seriously the cutest thing ever!

    Thank you Angelica for sharing earlier on my blog. So sorry you have a memory like that. God really spared you. Again I just love hearing from you every day. Thanks for being such a faithful little "follower":)

  2. you visited me and now i'm visiting you and what do i see? a crocheted pile of poo

    our blog-ship is meant to be

  3. Happy Little Poo? I would have never guessed that is what that is.

    Stopping by from SITs.

  4. Hello Gorgeous! You were right. My button wasn't working. I fixed it and would be so happy if you'd go try it again. P.S. that photo is so cool What a happy, fun, looking group of beautiful ladies. Say hi to all of them for me. Thanks a million, Keri

  5. Hi there, love the music on your blog, fabulous!
    You stopped by conquer the monkey today and told me how hard it was to post on my blog. Thanks for the input, I am aware of it and having someone help me with a redesign and fixing all that to make it super easy. Should be better in a few weeks. it shouldn't' be that hard tho, just click on the title and scroll down. Sorry you got frustrated!
    Thanks for stopping in,
    Cameron from
    Conquer The Monkey

  6. lol Well, it is the cutest little poo ever!

  7. I am a one hobby kinda girl....and it's scrapbooking my boys' birthdays. I know, I know, they only happen once a year, what amount of time could that possibly take, right? Don't ask. I think it's great, though, that your crafting has gotten other people interested! You must be good at it to make it so appealing. :) I'm popping over from SITS roll call. Happy Thursday!

  8. Happy little poo? Oh my goodness, you gotta warn a girl before she falls off her chair! lol

    Thanks for the comment and stopping by! I'm so pleased to "meet" you, other girl-without-a-middle name! Gee, it's nice to know we're not alone! lol


  9. I do believe...that may be the happiest little piece of poop I have ever seen!!


    Wow...amazing how many creations your hands are making!

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Thank you so much for the comment and visiting my blog! ^^

  12. Thank you so much for visiting my other blog with my beginning jewelry design collection. I haven't shown it to many people, am still a little shy about it.

    I love your dolls and that happy little pile of poo. It's fun to create, isn't it?

  13. LOL That's hilarious!! Haha!!

    {Thanks for visiting on my SITS day!!}

  14. HA! I love it. In fact, I give it a tripe HA! I have never seen crocheted poo before - but it's something my son would enjoy way too much.


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