Monday, September 21, 2009

"MultiCultural Representations"

What? What in the world are we talking about?!
Well, I was in conversation with 2 new clients this week, developing ideas for 2 new and very unique Darling Designs. Which designs, you ask? Oh, come now- you don't expect me to give that information up this early do you? All right, I will say that one of the new designs will be based on a beloved character who's favorite color is fuschia! (That's a fancy way of saying purple) ;o)
But, I digress. While I was trying to describe the different customizing options available for the dolls, I had to direct someone to a different location where they could see this picture and that picture of different color combinations. "Well, I thought, that's not very efficient." Better to have them all in one place- namely, here!
So, whether your darling is Latina (Hi, Andy's girls) or African-American(Hi,Savannah!) Vietnamese (Hi, Mai!) or a mix of all of the above, TygrLilies can create a unique, handmade doll just for you.

"Rikah" modeling one African-American representation.

Brianna and Audrey are Vietnamese-Latina-American.Woohoo!
Taylor has a European background
Baby Quinn has got some Irish in there somewhere ;o)

Latina Princesses- the Arellano girls!

Ok, I'm gonna get in trouble If I don't name 'em all!Clockwise,they are; Cheyenne,'Bella, Desi, Hannah, Ruby, Kaitlyn, Brianna, Audrey, Savannah
31 Flavors, Baby! That's what we got!

All different, All Unique. My Tygrlilies.


  1. How adorable. You do wonderful work on these dolls. I am amazed.

  2. They amaze me too! I'm just crocheting along and 'Poof!" there they are!When I start to work on their little faces they're lookin at me like, 'Hey! Hurry up!"


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