Monday, September 28, 2009

What started it all..

Ok, this subject has come up way too often in conversation lately, so I thought I'd better blog about it.
You wanna know what got me into Amigurumi style crochet? I found the cutest pattern and thought, "Wow! I wanna do that!" Then I showed it to my boys who said, "I want one!"
Here it is! Puchitomato's Happy Little Poo!

Just had to get that out.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tygrlilies' Purpose Statement

Did you know?
Did I ever share with you the purpose behind opening a Tygrlilies Boutique?

BOOM! There he is...

This is Race. He's our 8th Grader. Fabulous kid, He'd even tell you so himself!

This spring he and a bunch of his classmates will be taking an eye-opening, Life-changing trip to the East Coast. During spring break they will be traveling from San Diego to Philadelphia, New York and Washington DC. I've never been to any of those places and neither have my parents- OR my grandparents! You better believe DH and I were going to make sure that Race was able to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. Whether he wanted to or not. ;oD

Fortunately, he really does want to go. A lot. He wants to go so much that he plunked down $250 of his OWN money as the down payment for the trip. He wants to go so much that he helps me craft dolls to give away as thank you gifts for donations.

This trip is going to cost over $2,000.
Lemme say it again...
Twoooooooo... Th-"OW!"-sand dollars.
I don't know about you, but I don't have a money tree growing in the back yard. And even for those of you who DO have a money tree growing in the back yard, this economy has been like a swarm of locusts for everyone across the board.
And so, we get creative.

I appealed to my friends and relatives and told them, "Hey- help us send Race to DC and I'll make you a nifty doll as a keepsake!"

HannahLily and RubyLily holding my very 1st dolls.

SamLily and JessLily holding some of our newest designs.

Well, the sisters, friends and cousins really stepped up and started ordering left and right and I've been so busy! I am proud to say that we are almost halfway to our goal! But...we're not there yet. And so, getting even more creative...

TygrLilies is offering-for a limited time only!-A special "Send Race to DC" Sale! Order any doll- ANY doll- uniquely handmade and customized in your own colors- for ...
not $5
not $10
but $15 DOLLARS OFF the boutique price!
Yes, take $15 off your order for EACH DOLL-ANY DOLL.

An heirloom gift AND contributing to a good cause?! Were you sitting on the fence before this? "PLUNK!" Now you're not!
Just email me @, say you saw this post and we'll start designing the details of your custom order.

Seriously, people- I only have 2 hands, so get your order in now before I have to say "NO MAS!"
Wheee! Let's go!

This offer has expired- please check back for more specials and updates

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Charger Dude Pics...

Ok, my dears. Here are the promised pics of my Lil' L.T.
Thanks to my CousinLily Cristina for the idea...

Monday, September 21, 2009

"MultiCultural Representations"

What? What in the world are we talking about?!
Well, I was in conversation with 2 new clients this week, developing ideas for 2 new and very unique Darling Designs. Which designs, you ask? Oh, come now- you don't expect me to give that information up this early do you? All right, I will say that one of the new designs will be based on a beloved character who's favorite color is fuschia! (That's a fancy way of saying purple) ;o)
But, I digress. While I was trying to describe the different customizing options available for the dolls, I had to direct someone to a different location where they could see this picture and that picture of different color combinations. "Well, I thought, that's not very efficient." Better to have them all in one place- namely, here!
So, whether your darling is Latina (Hi, Andy's girls) or African-American(Hi,Savannah!) Vietnamese (Hi, Mai!) or a mix of all of the above, TygrLilies can create a unique, handmade doll just for you.

"Rikah" modeling one African-American representation.

Brianna and Audrey are Vietnamese-Latina-American.Woohoo!
Taylor has a European background
Baby Quinn has got some Irish in there somewhere ;o)

Latina Princesses- the Arellano girls!

Ok, I'm gonna get in trouble If I don't name 'em all!Clockwise,they are; Cheyenne,'Bella, Desi, Hannah, Ruby, Kaitlyn, Brianna, Audrey, Savannah
31 Flavors, Baby! That's what we got!

All different, All Unique. My Tygrlilies.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

L.T. is DONE!

Ok, Ok, so I'm not commenting on the status of our beloved #21, LaDainian Tomlinson. Last I heard, he had a boot on his foot but I don't think his season or career are in danger. My latest doll, the 'Football Player' (see earlier post) has been customized by special request, to wear LT's number and colors. As my illustrious friend Toddicus Tolsonii would say,
I can't believe how intricate this design was. The idea seemed pretty simple at the time but the execution was,umm...challenging. Yeah, let's use that word ;o)
Ok, new pics in the morning-it's after midnight and I'm beat!

pics here...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Amigurumi...when you're not looking...

Ever wonder what your Darling Designer Dolls do when nobody's looking?
I'll bet it's something like this...

(you can turn off the radio at the bottom of the page)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TygrLilies is Featured!

Holy Cow! Right out there in front of God and Everyone!

Denise Vakili is a very talented designer/business owner in Carlsbad, California. Her blog, "A room with a View" has TONS of visitors.

Her story is one of good ol' ingenuity and gumption. She started out sewing her own window coverings and now offers everything from shutters to interior design! I just found out she's offering a holiday decorating service!

Check it out here:

She features some of the most gorgeous window decor and home fashion accessories. I loved the piece she did on a daaahrling little shop all the way over in FRANCE! 'Tio Jasmin' How funky is this?

And now she's featured "Tygrlilies"!! WOW! I am so honored. Thanks, Denise!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


MAN, did I bite my nails during the last part of that game last night! But the Bolts snatched victory from the jaws of... the Raiders! Aaahahaaa! And I gotta tell ya- trying to crochet and watch TV at the same time w/these old eyes? Ow, who's got the Excedrin? But it was so worth it. I was almost sorry to see the poor dejected faces of all those Raider fans- it was so sad- like somebody stole their last cookie from the cookie jar- Oh wait, we did! Ahhhh...good times. Ok, ok, I'll stop gloating now. Here's some pics of a work-in-progress. Can you guess who it will be? That's right,
A San Diego Super-CHARGER!!! Woohoooo!

Ok, I know, cruddy cell phone pic.


Hey- do you have any idea how hard it is to do a football helmet in crochet? I had to re-do this one at least 3 times. It kept coming out like a baby bonnet! No bueno.

"Lemme back in, Coach! I'm not hurt!"

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Talk about custom orders...!

Seriously? I am NOT taking orders for this one!

Holy Cow but this young lady is determined! Can't afford a Ferrari? Knit one!

See the whole article here, but I bow to her determination...and knitting skills!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Housewarming!

We at Tygrlilies would like to congratulate old friends Ms Jenni and Mr Bart on the purchase of their very first home!
Ms Jenni was the inspiration for one of our very 1st Tygrlilies:

Felicidades y Dios Bendigan!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

And now...

The moment we've all been waiting for...

It's "Shellby!"

Drum roll please!

(you can turn off the radio at the bottom of the page)

Congratulations! The honor of naming our newest Lily goes out to 2 contest winners! WOW!

Since a couple of the names were so close, we decided to combine them. 'Shelly' was chosen by Sierra and 'Shelby' was chosen by Jess. We thought it would be fun to spell the mermaid's name with 2 l's so, 2 winners!

Our new Mermaid's name is "Shellby."

Thank you to everyone who participated, we appreciate your support!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

still not it...

Since my personal photography studio had to relocate to NorCal (Hi Sara!)
I guess I gotta dig myself outta this little mess I made, eh?
Seriously, I am NOT trying to be coy here, these are the only shots I got into my computer before the camera died <:o} Now this is not the finished product, of course. I'll get those posted tomorrow and I promise she looks better than my camera phone will be able to portray! Bikini top. I know, I know, the front side is upside down. sigh.

Solid, one piece dolphin tail. I spent weeks trying to figure this out, no kidding! Then, when it all came together, I was like, 'duh, of course!' Now let's see if I can repeat what I did. ::biting nails::

Aww, c'mon, it's fun to tilt your head :o)

Aren't those stripes fun? I can't even take credit for them, the variegated yarn just fell into that pattern!

More tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Please stand by...

So, so, so, sorry! Today was supposed to be the day we unveiled and named our newest TygrLily, our new, original mermaid design!
My camera broke.

I'm so sorry! I've been trying for days to get the battery to charge and it won't. We're trying to figure out if it's the battery or the charger. Please bear with me, I'll get those pics up just as soon as I can!


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