Tuesday, September 15, 2009


MAN, did I bite my nails during the last part of that game last night! But the Bolts snatched victory from the jaws of... the Raiders! Aaahahaaa! And I gotta tell ya- trying to crochet and watch TV at the same time w/these old eyes? Ow, who's got the Excedrin? But it was so worth it. I was almost sorry to see the poor dejected faces of all those Raider fans- it was so sad- like somebody stole their last cookie from the cookie jar- Oh wait, we did! Ahhhh...good times. Ok, ok, I'll stop gloating now. Here's some pics of a work-in-progress. Can you guess who it will be? That's right,
A San Diego Super-CHARGER!!! Woohoooo!

Ok, I know, cruddy cell phone pic.


Hey- do you have any idea how hard it is to do a football helmet in crochet? I had to re-do this one at least 3 times. It kept coming out like a baby bonnet! No bueno.

"Lemme back in, Coach! I'm not hurt!"


  1. I absolutely love these. Good work! Just dropping by from SITS!

  2. Hahaha. Loved the caption for the last pic. I tried to crochet awhile back but just couldn't get into it. My aunt used to make me dolls, doorstoppers.. EVERYTHING.. I still have them and passed them down to my little girl. :)

    THANKS for dropping by.

  3. I love your zeal for your team, and how well you portrayed your passion on this little guy.
    Your dolls remind me of Sackboy from Little Big Planet. He is the Living End of cuteness and I love him.
    You've got mad skills.
    Mad, I tell ya.


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