Sunday, November 29, 2009

Chargers' #1 Fan!


Our Latest Lily- "Fancy Nancy!"

Isn't she Exquisite?

(That's a fancy word for pretty)

One of Nancy's favorite words- 'Accessories'!

Fancy Up-do!

Crochet high heels?
I never thought it possible 'till they showed up...on the end of my hook!

Custom made for the Goetz family.
Merry Christmas Lucy!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Final Hours! (expired)

(Thank you to everyone who participated- this offer has expired)
**Last Day for
Special Pricing!**

Hey, listen up people!
Today is the last day for the special $45 price on any Tygrlilies doll!
Yup, it's our very own "Black-Cyber-Saturday-Sale-Thingie!"

You know you want one, why not get it at a reduced price?

Now's the time...

cuz tomorrow we'll be unveiling a
new doll
and they'll all be back to regular price!

Order today!
(Thank you to everyone who participated- this offer has expired)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

**WOAH! News Alert!**

This just in!
***Special News Bulletin***

The first name drawn in the Tygrlilies Giveaway Contest did not respond after 4 days and so...
a NEW winner was chosen ...

I can't wait to get started on little Hadley's Pink Tink!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Congrats Tygrlilies' Contest Winner!


winner of the Tygrlilies Giveaway contest!

Aww, that was very sportsmanlike of you!  

So you don't mind that
somebody else 
won the
Custom Tygrlilies Doll 
of their choice?

It's ok, tell us how you really feel...

Ok, Ok, don't cry- tell you what. How about we offer you a discount?

***For One Week ONLY***

November 21 thru November 28 only
Any Custom Tygrlilies Doll of your choice...


Yeah, we thought you'd like that ;o)

Just send an email to 
to take advantage of this fabulous LIMITED TIME offer!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

!!!***Last Chance to Enter***!!!

!!!***Last Chance to Enter***!!!

Hey Everybody! Today is the last chance to enter the Giveaway Contest!!
 Entries close at midnight tonite!

A Tygrlily in your home for Christmas!

 Who will you choose??

Saturday, November 14, 2009

'Jillian' the Mermaid Princess

The Lovely Jillian is cousin to the Latest Lily, Maui Lola.
(Say that 5x fast!)

So whaddya think?
white background?

Or the leopard?

Now is it just me? Or am I seeing a lot of pink and purple lately?
But then again, I'm really struck by no matter how many of these I do... they all look different!
Or am I just prejudiced?

I do try to improve my designs and techniques with each doll I do. This one was really exciting because not only was it a special request AND a repeat customer (Hi Kristy!) but I also got to try a new invisible decrease technique.

I know, I went all crochet geek on you there, but if you're at all interested, one of my favorite sites is Mygurumi (Hi Diana!) -fantastic tutorials there, and cute animal patterns, too-check it out!

Anyway- as I was saying, about the invisible decrease,
if you look closely here,

you can see a line going down from her chin to her neck?

...and on this newest doll?

No line! Wheee!

I know, I know, who would notice? But it's just about improving the skills and making the designs a little more refined and my best.
Enjoy your new doll, JillyBean!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our Newest Spokesmodels...

A few more happy customers...

Lola goes to Maui!

Coronado's Beach Baby Becky has a friend- her name is Maui Lola!

Custom ordered with 'Suuuper long hair' and "Pink and purple please"

Check out her purple flipflops!

Lookin' West- toward the beach. Let's Go!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Our good friends over at Sandwich 365 just posted the cutest little Amigurumi Sandwich!
It's not mine- it was a creation of CynthiaRae at CandyPop Creations on Etsy

Isn't it darling? The lettuce looks nice and crisp and that swiss cheese? No detail is spared, eh? A dill pickle spear and cookies for dessert- Yumm!
AND it's a giveaway! Can you believe it? Head on over and enter to win!
(after you've entered our contest, of course! ;o)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

**Now Featuring!***Memory Quilts!

TygrLilies is excited and proud to present a new product line...

TygrLilies Memory Quilts!

Do you still have Joey's jersey from Tball? Or that darling pair of coveralls Suzy used to wear? Don't toss them out or stuff them in a drawer- let TygrLilies turn them into a beautiful, functional Memory Quilt!
Custom Embroidery included!

Customize your choice of patterns and colors or send us some of your prized fabric swatches to be made into a family heirloom- suitable for display or everyday use.
Any color , theme, or pattern you like! Baby, girl, boy, watermelon, bugs, ice cream, coffee. etc.

$45 "crib size" 45X45 with polyester low loft batting & fleece backing.
$65 "Lap Size" 60 x 60 They have 100% cotton, warm & natural batting (thinner but heavier) and fleece backing.

Handmade by SisterLily Yvette Reinbolt, (far left) proceeds from these quilts will go towards Race's DC Trip fund!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Check out the Fabulous Giveaway contest over on HoityToity Baby!

5 chances to win! Enter today!!


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