Wednesday, September 2, 2009

still not it...

Since my personal photography studio had to relocate to NorCal (Hi Sara!)
I guess I gotta dig myself outta this little mess I made, eh?
Seriously, I am NOT trying to be coy here, these are the only shots I got into my computer before the camera died <:o} Now this is not the finished product, of course. I'll get those posted tomorrow and I promise she looks better than my camera phone will be able to portray! Bikini top. I know, I know, the front side is upside down. sigh.

Solid, one piece dolphin tail. I spent weeks trying to figure this out, no kidding! Then, when it all came together, I was like, 'duh, of course!' Now let's see if I can repeat what I did. ::biting nails::

Aww, c'mon, it's fun to tilt your head :o)

Aren't those stripes fun? I can't even take credit for them, the variegated yarn just fell into that pattern!

More tomorrow!

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