Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween! Introducing AngelBunny

Hee. This one was just for fun.
I was playing with some pink yarn combinations a while back and actually had an extra body laying around
(Ha! Get it? "A body laying around" Spoooky for Halloweeen!)
and some extra arms..Oooo....Spoo..!
(Ok, I know, shut up. and get on with the story.)
Anyhow-I got this wild idea to try this new, curly doll hair I saw at the craft store and was just looking for an excuse to try it. I also tried some experimental (mwaaahahaa!) stitches around the middle of the torso and some new gold spray glitter for the wings. Igor and I toiled well into the night and through a lightning storm and ...Voila! Here she is, "AngelBunny"

Yes, I know, she doesn't have "Lily" in her name, but she is most obviously an Angel baby, yes?

and with her wild poofy curls she looks just exactly like a little 'Bunny' that I happen to know.

(Hi Kristi!)

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hello, Etsy!

Holy Cow! I have an Etsy shop!

Our very first listing is for our newest sensation the JennaLily Butterfly Pixie! Go there now!! Look/Comment/Love it!

Ok, are you back yet? Did you see the price over there? Don't you wish you could get the super-duper-insider-before-she-had-an-Etsy-shop price? The one we told you about on the "Purpose Statement" post? Well, guess what? You can! (But just you though, don't tell anybody over there, shhh!) Just drop me an email @ and we'll get started!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Tygrlilies Fundraising!

Woohooo! We're up to 900 bucks! How awesome is that?

My Fundraising Thermometer

Thanks to everybody who has helped us get this far in striving for our goal.
I am planning on talking to the tour company today to see how much time we have left to raise funds. I'm hoping that it's not till after Christmas. ::biting nails:: Race is so very excited about this trip- I'm a little more nervous than excited. Maybe I'll get excited once we've reached our goal. For now, I'm just focusing on the goal of filling orders ;o)
I hope I don't sound hassled-I'm really not. I know we'll do this thing. I'm having so much fun designing and creating these little friends and exloring a new outlet to express myself. There's an added bonus of connecting with old friends through this process and making new friends through blogging about it. I'm very thankful for the experiences this new venture has brought my way. Yeay! Go, Tygrlilies!

Watch this space for updates and pictures!

Coming Soon...

"Fancy Nancy"
"Handy Manny"
"Fly Guy"

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

JennaLily- the Butterfly Pixie

"Butterfly wings! Can you do butterfly wings!?"
"Sure! says I, Whatever you like!"

D'oh! Monarch? Swallowtail? Cabbage white?
Who knew there were so many shapes?

Tinkerbell en Español?

Como se llama la Tinkerbell en español?
What is Tinkerbell's name in spanish?
Tinkerbellita? Bellisima? Bella?
Check out da shoes...
Ooo- I think Bella's got a date for the homecoming dance!

Alexis loves pink

Here's the Lovely Lily, "Alexis",
Alexis LUVS pink! (Can you tell?) 

Alexis also loves ponytails, pink scrunchies and her fabulous pink eyeglasses.
Pink! Pink! Pink!
Can you see her sparkly pink and white top? Her rosebud pink mouth?
Her bootcut pink pants or the highlights in her hair?
(Darn this camera phone) 

Friday, October 2, 2009

Another Happy Customer...

Here's our latest Satisfied Customer, "QuinnLily" and her Mini-Quinny. ;oD
What could I possibly say that would add to this picture? Couldn't you just eat her up with a spoon?!
Read the original post and see more pics here

Happy Girl!

Want your little Darling featured on the TygrLilies website?
Just send in a pic to


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