Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tinkerbell en Español?

Como se llama la Tinkerbell en español?
What is Tinkerbell's name in spanish?
Tinkerbellita? Bellisima? Bella?
Check out da shoes...
Ooo- I think Bella's got a date for the homecoming dance!


  1. LOVE the dolls! They are super cute. I will be back to purchase one for my little Girlfriend for Christmas!

    Thanks for the advice. I'd much rather clean up dog poo than change a geriatric diaper.


  2. cute--and great that your son is helping, too! Thanks for stopping by over at my place yesterday and commiserating with me over my brittle vegetation.

  3. Hi Angelica,

    My girls have been bugging me to get out the crochet hooks and teach them to crochet again.

    I brought them over here for some inspiration. We LOVE your dolls! Especially your cute tink doll!
    All I can really do is a washcloth and I actually forget how to do that. lol. :)

    Any advice on where to look online for instructions to get started again?
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, what a blessing you are! :)

  4. I love this, want to give it to me?
    how about edward it would be a great giveaway item on my blog!

  5. Love your dolls. So cute! PS. In spanish-speaking countries, Tinkerbell is usually called "La Campanita."


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