Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween! Introducing AngelBunny

Hee. This one was just for fun.
I was playing with some pink yarn combinations a while back and actually had an extra body laying around
(Ha! Get it? "A body laying around" Spoooky for Halloweeen!)
and some extra arms..Oooo....Spoo..!
(Ok, I know, shut up. and get on with the story.)
Anyhow-I got this wild idea to try this new, curly doll hair I saw at the craft store and was just looking for an excuse to try it. I also tried some experimental (mwaaahahaa!) stitches around the middle of the torso and some new gold spray glitter for the wings. Igor and I toiled well into the night and through a lightning storm and ...Voila! Here she is, "AngelBunny"

Yes, I know, she doesn't have "Lily" in her name, but she is most obviously an Angel baby, yes?

and with her wild poofy curls she looks just exactly like a little 'Bunny' that I happen to know.

(Hi Kristi!)

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!


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