Wednesday, December 2, 2009

TygrLily finds...Mr. Toastee!

As I was hiding from work,
err, I mean,
doing research late into the evening,
I ran across a darling blog belonging to one,

"The Adventures of Mr. Toastee"

This is Mr. Toastee.

This is Mrs. Toastee.

This is Mr. Toastee's Halloween Costume.
(He went as a frog.)

This is..
umm,...well, this is ...

This is obviously a private conversation so...

let's move on...


This is Mr Toastee's friend, the Breakfast Monster

I believe his name is Sir Francis Bacon...

(My, that Mr Toastee sure has some Hoity Toity friends!

Here are some more of Mr. Toastee's friends

the Alice in Wonderland Characters.

(Sorry these are so small, I couldn't steal, err, find a bigger picture)

We hope you enjoyed meeting our new friends,

Mr Toastee

and Yummy Pancake.

And we hope you'll pay them a visit.

(Tell them Tygrlilies sent you!)

Buy your own Mr Toastee here
Read about Mr Toastee's adventures here
See More of Yummy Pancakes' Photos here

Mr Toastee says,

"Merry Christmas!"

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