Monday, December 14, 2009

Joy Kampia O'Shell

Well, kiddos-
Mr Carpal Tunnel
(boo hisss!)
has put me out of commission for a bit...
(insert Monty Python Holy Grail scene here: )

"I am feeling bettah,"

"No you're not!"


and I have nothing new to show you...,
I though you'd enjoy seeing some
crochet sculpture
I found on the internet.

This artist goes by the name of Joy Kampia O'Shell

Yes, that's ALL yarn! Wild, huh?

And this is a great...(wait for it...)

Pizz'a Art!

(get it!? Piece of art/Pizza art? aahahhaaaa! I crack me up!)

Oh yes, and here's a picture of me in my new favorite dress...

...Cha' Right!


  1. Elo my friend. thanks so much for thinking of me and sending the link to Fabulously French. Whoa, did I have fun up there. Incredible. I love it. Hope your doing great. I love all these unbelieveable things made of yarn. Un REAL... the bike is a real feat,no? Happy Hollidays ... your friend, Keri aka Sam at

  2. Oh that dress is hilarious! BTW you nailed me. I am feeling blue was an effort to come up with anything to post. Thank you for caring...for checking up on me and for booty bumping me:) You are a good friend sweet Angelica!

  3. I LOVE that Monty Python scene!

    "I'm not dead yet....I feel fine..."


  4. OMG that dress is the COOLEST thing!! So is the pizza! >w<


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