Monday, March 8, 2010


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Are you a "Lostie"?

Do you recognize this guy?

That's right! It's 'Hugo Reyes'



Well, sometime ago,

in a search for something to do while recovering from

Carpal Tunnel

I joined a book reviewers club.

This book club was the esteemed and reputable Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers.

Sounds rather, posh doesn't it?

(In the meantime they've changed the name to 'BookSNEEZE'


And if you had a blog,

a desire to recieve free books

and the ability to opine on said free books,

well then, you were invited to sign up.

So, I did.


And here's my first selection...

It's called "The Gospel According to LOST" by Chris Seay.

I was so excited! I love the Gospel, I love the TV show LOST, I love free stuff and I love books! How fantastic is this???

Not Very.

I wish I could say I enjoyed it.

I did not.

I am very glad I did not pay for this book. I'm not really sure what I was expecting. Well, yeah, I am. I was expecting to see how the TV show illustrates with all it's plots and subplots, how God works in our lives. I found Mr Seay's style of writing very convoluted and his points at times stretched or forced.

Somewhere along the way...can I say it? His message got LOST.


  1. Bummer about the book! You're right, at least you didn't pay for it; hopefully the next one is better.

    Hope your hands/wrists are getting well!

  2. I don't really follow lost, but I recognize the doll! Wow! That's awesome!

  3. Can I say I am glad to hear you didn't like it? :)

    I don't watch TV, but something about trying to equate the gospel with a secular TV show(with secular/worldly writers?) just somehow makes me uncomfortable...

    Kind of like when I was in the Christian Bookstore recently and saw a Bible study centered around the book Twilight!

    Are you kidding me??!! Last time I checked there were no vampires or teenage sensuality, and forbidden love being encouraged in the word of God!!

    Crazy eh?

    SO glad you didn't spend any money on it!

  4. Thanks for the head's up about this book. I am a Lostie although it's by far the most frustrating show I have ever watched! I get so aggravated because I get so 'lost' that I actually don't watch it during the season but wait until the end of the season and watch it online so I can watch one right after the other. That way I don't have to be frustrated for a whole week after each episode! Crazy I know....ah well.
    I hope you are recovering well and quickly and getting back to your spunky self!
    Wishing you all the best,


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