Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tygrlilies' Tribe for Two Thousand Ten!

It's February 1st, PEOPLE!!
Time to turn our mind towards Valentines Day,
(Ghiradelli, darling!)
and Roses
(Feel free to substitute Lilies, honey, just in case you're reading this)
and time for endless airings of the movie "Groundhog Day"
(which, confidentially, I don't really mind)
But mostly,

Time for a new post!!!

It's been two weeks, for crying out loud!!

(But I'm still gonna keep the
Haiti button
up because they still need help
and I'm gonna put up a
Blankets For Chidamoyo
thermometer too
cuz it's my blog and I can ;o)

SO... I'm on this fabulous little networking site

and I'm told about something called 'a tribe'.

It's a list of 5 sites that I cannot go without reading everyday. Well, Heck! I have to pare it down to 5?? Not so easy to do unless maybe I have a tribe of each of the different subjects I like? Ok, so since this is an Amigurumi site, I'll share with you my 5 favorite crochet/Ami sites.

(and maybe I'll throw in a few of my other faves at the end as well ;o)

My Tribe of Favorite Amigurumi Websites

  1. The Art of Crochet by Theresa- My A-number one favorite site. This gal- with her videos and tutorials- totally taught me how to crochet! She even has tutorials for the left-handed crocheter!
  2. Mygurumi- This designer is a Biologist from Germany! She's posted some great tutorials for when you want to improve your skillset!
  3. Planet June- You will love these cute little MopTop Mascots. Take a look around her blog and see some of the other patterns she has for sale. There's some incredible stuff on this site!
  4. Roxycraft/SnowBusiness-Tamie Snow- another great designer. Try your hand at "BunnyBoo" for Easter For the inside scoop on Tamie Snow the fabulous gal herself, go to Snow Business
  5. Yummypancake- Follow the adventures of Mr Toastee and his friends! (Watch out for the ToasteeZombies!)

And there you have it,

Tygrlilies' Tribe for Two Thousand and Ten!


My 'giggle, snicker and laugh-out-loud-tribe'?


  1. cute post! I especially like the giggle, snicker part!

  2. Awesome, thanks for the shout-out! You are amazing :)

  3. Glad to hear from you again! I am still going to link to the popcorn post! Happy February!

  4. Aww, thanks so much for including me in your top 5 - I am honoured!

  5. Hi TL... Your comments A L W A Y S make me smile or laugh. Thanks for checking in. Still loving your musical taste. These photos here are soo sweet. Love your work, and your connection. Take care happy V day, Keri

  6. I love Valentines Day! Just stopped in to spread some sunshine! Come by my blog and check it out!


  7. Oh Angelica, You are such a hoot! I just read through all of your posts on this front I want kettlecorn.

    I don't think that I have seen this blog before, I think I have only been to your boutique. I will have to come by more often! :) I was up late.. (ok 2:30 am to be exact, man I am gonna need some serious coffee in the morning)and followed one of your comments on my blog here.

    I am determined to visit everyone who was there for me during my miscarriage even if it means zombie behaviour during the day.

    I wanted to stop by and tell you what a huge encouragement and blessing you were to me during my loss. Your comments were always heartfelt and thoughtful and meant so much to me. Thank you.
    I loved your story about your sister and, just wow!

    Your sons name is Race? Neat name. My eldest is River.
    Anyhow, I better get to bed. Thanks again Angelica!

  8. Awesome! I will have to check those out. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest.

  9. love your craft idea! neat! stopping by from SITS! :)


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