Saturday, November 14, 2009

'Jillian' the Mermaid Princess

The Lovely Jillian is cousin to the Latest Lily, Maui Lola.
(Say that 5x fast!)

So whaddya think?
white background?

Or the leopard?

Now is it just me? Or am I seeing a lot of pink and purple lately?
But then again, I'm really struck by no matter how many of these I do... they all look different!
Or am I just prejudiced?

I do try to improve my designs and techniques with each doll I do. This one was really exciting because not only was it a special request AND a repeat customer (Hi Kristy!) but I also got to try a new invisible decrease technique.

I know, I went all crochet geek on you there, but if you're at all interested, one of my favorite sites is Mygurumi (Hi Diana!) -fantastic tutorials there, and cute animal patterns, too-check it out!

Anyway- as I was saying, about the invisible decrease,
if you look closely here,

you can see a line going down from her chin to her neck?

...and on this newest doll?

No line! Wheee!

I know, I know, who would notice? But it's just about improving the skills and making the designs a little more refined and my best.
Enjoy your new doll, JillyBean!


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. See, I think knitting is super easy but am intimidated by your dolls and anything to do with crochet!! If we lived closer I would teach you knitting and yo ucould teach me your super skills

  2. Hey Clare- you are ON! You know you wanna relocate to Sunny San Diego anyway- here's your excuse! ;o)

  3. the dolls are adorable and i say white background

  4. very very cute! I'm partial to the leopard background for some reason..........

  5. Hi, I saw you from sits, very cute dolls!

  6. Hey Funny Lady. These are amazing. I see how much work goes into them, but most importantly, the look on the girls faces, they LOVE them! But my favorite of all things is are the feet. I'm in love with the feet (I call them "feets")on all of them. The mermaids fins included. Always love to come see you. Take care, Keri, Sam, Le Gourou, Sandwich 365... all of the above. muah!


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