Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Melancholy Mermaid

It is with a bit of wistfulness and nostalgia that we at TygrLilies both introduce you and say Farewell to this beautiful little mermaid. Isn't she lovely? Adios, Sirenita!
I have really enjoyed making dolls like this for the past year. Thank you Anapaula Rimoli! I gave them away as gifts to my nieces and to relatives. I even gave one to my Grandmother! Really, it was so cute, with a bright red tail and curly white hair, I'll have to post a pic of it soon. But, I digress. Every time I've done one of these I've changed this and added that until I've modified it as much as I possibly can. I have so many ideas that I'm anxious to try that I feel it is now time to move on and start all over with a brand new design. Au revoir, little mermaid!

"...What? You mean I can't have her?! But that's not fair!"
Ah, grasshopper, do not fret! A brand new Darling of the Deep of my own design will be arriving shortly. You see, the great thing about designing is that there are always new things to learn, new techniques to try and new combinations to imagine!

And don't forget, there's always YOUR creativity to add into the mix! Does your dream doll have short hair? Pink hair? Wings?? Let's design something together!

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  1. Bahhhhhh! I LOVE HERRRRRRRR!!! If your new designs are even close to this little babe, you're going to be busy for awhile!! She's precious! Sierra will absolutely love her! xoxoxoxoxoxo!!!


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